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Central New York Dressage & Combined Training Association

The CNYD&CTA Year-End Awards program is designed to encourage CNYD&CTA members to expand their knowledge and improve their skills by recognizing their achievements during the current year. Awards through 6th place are presented at the annual Year-End Banquet.

Kaye Osborne Legacy Grant

Established by Central New York Dressage & Combined Training Association in memory of long-time CNYD&CTA Member, fellow equestrian, and friend, Kaye Osborne, to encourage a deserving CNYD&CTA Jr/YR member to further their equine education. In the spirit of Kaye’s passion for horses and commitment to teaching, this annual gift  of $125 shall be awarded to a member who expresses an interest in learning more about horses and/or riding. The grant can be applied to instruction, clinics, or educational experiences of the recipient’s choice. Recipient selected by CNYD&CTA Board of Directors.

CNYD&CTA Member of the Year

The Member of the Year Award recognizes a current CNYD&CTA member who, through cumulative and consistent volunteering, has demonstrated exceptional commitment, representation and promotion of CNYD&CTA and CNYD&CTA's mission. Members may nominate fellow members to receive this award.

The Dressage Foundation: The Century Club

The Century Club recognizes North American Dressage riders and horses whose combined ages total 100 years or more. Horse and rider perform a test of any level, at a show (schooling or recognized) or event, and are scored by a Dressage judge or professional. Western Dressage riders are welcome to join the Century Club. Century Club rides can be organized at any of the CNYD&CTA shows by contacting CNYD&CTA President Corrinne Spaulding.

General Requirements for CNYD&CTA Awards

  • The award year runs from October 1 of the prior year through September 30 of the current year.
  • For official year-end results or award standings, no corrections will be accepted after 5:00 pm EST on October 1st of the award year.
  • Riders must be a member in good standing at the time the scores are earned.
  • Horse and rider combinations must be the same (except for Masters’ and Achievement Awards).
  • Awards are based on the average of scores and are given to Jr/YRs, Adult Amateurs, and Open at each level for Recognized and schooling shows. Horse and rider may only receive one award per year at the highest level for which they qualify.
  • The Year-End Award Reporting Form and Rider Achievement Award Reporting Form must be submitted by October 1st of the current year to the Awards Coordinator. Eventers must submit copies of your dressage tests with proof of score of the CT or HT portions of the competitions. (Photo of the scoreboard or a screen shot from the results on the website will suffice.)
  • As of 2017, to be considered for any Year-End Awards, riders must complete 10 volunteer hours within the aforementioned year and submit the Volunteer Hours Reporting Form along with their Awards Reporting Forms to the Awards Coordinator, Andrea Belton, 5554 Gulf Rd. Chittenango, NY 13037.
  • Submitting scores and required documentation are the member’s responsibilities. Incomplete submissions will not be processed and will be deemed ineligible for awards.
  • Additional details for each individual award are outlined below in the Year-End Award Requirements

Year-End Awards

Previous Year-End Award Winners